West Reservoir Maintenance and Renovations
Burnet, Texas

Thonhoff Consulting Engineers provided engineering inspection and preparation of design plans for the renovation of a 450,000 gallon reservoir. The renovation work included draining the existing tank; repairing all structural metal deterioration including removal of a “spider-ring” support system used during the initial tank construction; sandblasting the tank interior; and repainting the interior surfaces. In addition, the existing undersized top hatch and tank manway were replaced with a new 30-inch top hatch and side manway. The exterior top and side manway and exterior roof received a touch-up coat removing rust on seams and repainting with prime and final coats. An exterior low mil top coat was applied on the tank roof for aesthetic purposes. The tank was sterilized and placed back into service within a 60-day construction time period.

Services Provided: Tank Inspection, Final Design, Bid Phase Services, and Construction Phase Services.