Westpark Lift Station Improvements
Austin, Texas

The Westpark Lift Station is a poured-in-place concrete wet pit/dry pit lift station that replaced an existing lift station at the same location. The new lift station incorporated two 200 gpm pumps at 160 ft. TDH. The lift station is within the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and required a permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for such construction. The site was secured only by easements and tight limits-of-construction were imposed for construction within a very small footprint. The project required a City of Austin site development permit. It was designed to City of Austin lift station criteria and incorporated two vertically-mounted centrifugal sewage pumps, two sump pumps, an overhead bridge crane, PLC controls, a float system back-up, and an on-site diesel powered emergency generator. Site work consisted of a concrete driveway, a steel security fence, and landscaping meeting City of Austin permit requirements.

The new lift station was constructed while keeping the old lift station in service. Once construction was completed, the old lift station was demolished and the site was restored to natural conditions.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Considerations Report, Environmental Permitting, Final Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase, and Warranty Services.