Warm Springs Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation
Ottine, Texas

The project involved a complete rehabilitation of the water plant serving the Gonzales Warm Springs Rehab Hospital and surrounding community. All water plant piping was replaced from the water well to the clearwell, through the high service pump station, to the elevated tank, and through connection to the distribution system. The existing high service pump was replaced through construction of a new high service pump station. The pump station included a new 8'x16' CMU building. The existing clearwell was renovated and included cleaning, sandblasting, and construction of a new concrete roof with access hatches and vents. A new chlorination system was installed with two points of injection. The existing 50,000 gallon elevated storage tank was renovated by sandblasting, metal restoration, new access openings, and a new paint system. Sitework included new fencing and sidewalks. All electrical components were replaced with new state-of-the-art components. The water plant had a rated capacity of 250 connections, but its components could supply up to 360,000 gpd of potable water. Thonhoff Consulting Engineers performed the rehabilitation while keeping the water plant in service to provide water to the hospital and surrounding community.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering Report, Design-Build Contract Services and Construction Phase Services.