Taylor Slough Lift Station Renovation and Upgrade
Austin, Texas

The Taylor Slough Lift Station Rehabilitation Project increased the rated capacity of the lift station and redirected its flow to the Taylor Branch service area for gravity flow to the Crosstown Tunnel. The Taylor Slough Lift Station pumping units were sized to meet an average dry weather flow condition of 350 gpm and a 2-hr. peak wet weather condition of 2,400 gpm. The lift station incorporates four pumps, two rated at 360 gpm and two rated at 1,800 gpm.

Rehabilitation of the lift station included replacing all pumping units; sump pumps; resizing suction and discharge piping valves and fittings; miscellaneous concrete work; new access hatches and vents; cleaning, sandblasting and painting; new instruments and controls; new light fixtures, conduit and wiring; a diesel-powered generator; and new electrical panels and controls. Additionally, the wet well was rehabilitated by cleaning, sandblasting, and coating with an approved wet well lining. Site work included a new driveway and a steel security fence. Landscaping was provided meeting City development code standards.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Considerations Report, Environmental Permitting, Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase, and Warranty Phase Services.