Noack Standpipe Renovations (2 sites)
Thrall, TX

This USDA funded project included extending the height of two existing standpipes to operate at a pressure plane equivalent to 675 feet above msl maximum water surface elevation. This elevation was suitable for the supply sources and the dispersed rural WSC customer/member pressure needs. The tops of the existing 10-foot and 14-foot standpipes were cut off and welded onto the top of new welded steel standpipe bases to increase the tanks to a new full height of 108 feet. Construction for the new tanks, one new pier foundation, TCEQ required tank appurtenances, painting, piping, electrical, sitework, and fencing were completed while keeping one of the standpipes in operation at all times.

The new raised standpipes enabled the Noack WSC facilities in Williamson County, Texas to supply adequate water to all customers during peak demand periods at pressures of 35 psi or greater. The water system improvements contribute to having sufficient facility capacities for an estimated future 500 total connections projected in approximately 2020 and beyond. Water supply sources included Noack WSC wells and a contract with the City of Taylor.

Services Provided: USDA Funding Application, Water Distribution System Modeling, Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Report, Water Supply Contract Negotiation, Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase, and Warranty Phase Services.