Wastewater Treatment Plant Reclaimed Water Reuse
Holland, Texas

This project entailed construction of reclaimed water reuse facilities on and adjacent to 102 acres of city wastewater facility and parklands. The City of Holland was able to use reclaimed water for agricultural, recreational, and open space irrigation in lieu of discharging to an area stream. The reclaimed water reuse authorization and construction gave Holland the means to improve permit compliance, protect and improve the receiving stream habitat, obtain revenue from hay production, conserve potable water, and enhance parkland, athletic facilities, and open spaces. Holland received authorization for citywide reclaimed water reuse from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The initial phase of construction included a 400 gpm reclaimed water pumping station, 10,660 feet of 6-inch irrigation piping, 39 irrigation risers, 4 portable Big Gun sprinkler heads, fencing, gate, controls, and electrical, and emergency generator.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering, Permitting, Final Design Services, Bid Phase Services, and Construction Phase Services.