Wastewater Master Plan to Serve 2004 Annexation Area
FM 2410 Trunk Sewer – Phase I

The project entailed preparation of a Wastewater Master Plan that detailed a phased development of the service area to achieve an ultimate design sizing for wastewater collection, pumping, and treatment. The service area included about 1,131 acres of newly annexed city limits within approximately 4,000 acres of total service area. The plan provided for interim and ultimate wastewater infrastructure over a 20-year planning period. The total estimated cost of wastewater improvements was $25.7 million over the planning period.

Phase I of the project involves all material, equipment, tools, transportation, services, labor and supervision necessary for construction of facilities and installation of all equipment together with appurtenances for construction of the F.M. 2410 Trunk Sewer consisting of installation of approximately 10,390 L.F. of 8", 10", 15", 18", 21", and 27" gravity sewer; 33 manholes; 11,595 L.F. of 10" force main; an 800 gpm submersible pump lift station; and related appurtenances, electrical, and site work was furnished.

Services Provided: Master Plan Preparation; Preliminary Engineering Report; Design Surveying, Easement Preparation, Geotechnical Investigation, and Design Documents.