50,000 Gallon Ground Storage Tank
Bandera, Texas

This WSC funded project involved construction of a new 50,000 gallon bolted steel ground storage tank and appurtenances including site demolition and preparation, excavation and backfill, tank foundation, yard piping and valving, painting, grading, and cleanup.

Design documents were set up with options for Owner-performed deductive alternatives for the demolition or relocation of site constraints; subgrade preparation and tank foundation per contractor’s tank and foundation engineer; piping, valving, fittings, and valve box installations; placing of concrete overflow splash pad, valve box frames, and thrust blocking; flexible couplings from DIP to PVC piping; and painting of DIP piping and valving. The WSC selected all deductive alternatives and performed all work except those tasks related directly to the tank itself (tank and foundation engineering and design; tank materials production, acquisition, and delivery; and tank erection and testing).

The project increases total storage volume and elevated storage due the tank site elevation giving the WSC water system enhanced reliability and pressure maintenance benefits.

Services Provided: Coordination with TCEQ on design criteria reviews; preliminary and final design; plans and specifications; developed cost estimates, design surveying; bidding phase; reviews of tank engineer designs for tank and foundation; construction phase.